Scenes_2011_Cosi_fan_Tutte_2Deadline:  Online Applications must be submitted no later than December 14, 2018

The Vocal Music department is oriented toward classical music so the audition should indicate the applicant's interest in and knowledge of classical vocal music.

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Once an audition date and time is assigned, supplemental forms may be required from individual departments.  These forms will be e-mailed with your audition date and time assignment.  Please make sure your email address is complete and correct on your application.  All communication will be done electronically.


Vocal applicants should be prepared to sing all or a portion of two well-prepared, memorized pieces. Selections should include an art song, aria, or other material from the classical repertoire if possible. A musical theatre ballad (non belt piece) may be presented if the singer has no classical singing experience.

A spiritual such as Amazing Grace sung without pop style ornamentation, or The Star Spangled Banner is also acceptable.  Pop, R&B or Gospel singing is not recommended for this audition. Vocal applicants may also be asked to sight-read, match pitches, and demonstrate vocal range.

Applicants will be judged not only on voice quality, but on interpretation of the pieces and stage presence. An accompanist will be provided. Pre-recorded tapes or cd's are not permitted.


Please view the How to Audition video on You Tube- Link here

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