14The goal of the Visual Arts Department of The Governor's School for the Arts is to provide a venue where students can explore their artistic interests and potential in various mediums of visual arts to ultimately find their own vision. The program provides intensive and challenging instruction and experiences designed to help students develop a strong conceptual basis as well as the technical skills necessary for creating and evaluating their own style and sophisticated works of art. The program is designed to prepare students for college and a career in their chosen visual art medium.

The visual arts department encourages in-depth exploration and research in an array of studio courses in the field of printmaking, painting, photography, computer imaging, video imaging additive, subtractive, and constructed sculpture (as well as welding), design, and other areas such as medical illustration and fashion design. Additionally, students take continuing drawing and art history classes as well as classes which focus on conceptualization, analysis, and criticism.

The schedule for Visual Arts students is based around two-hour elective studios which are taken daily, along with either art history, concepts and criticism. Each student chooses two elective studios from a variety offered each nine weeks. Portfolio development is an integral part of the visual arts program. With guidance from the department chair, students select two electives for each of the four nine week grading periods. In addition to the typical electives, advanced students may apply for independent study in a particular area.

 Typical course of study:

Required courses: (time spent / week)

9th Grade
Art History 1 (2 hours)
Concepts and Criticism 1 (2 hours)
Drawing (3 hours)
Studio Foundations (2 hours)
2 four hour studio electives

10th Grade
Art History 2 (3 hours)
Concepts and Criticism 2 (2 hours)
Drawing (2 hours)
2 four hour studio electives

11th Grade
Art History 3 (3 hours)
First Semester:Concepts and Criticism Independent (2 hours) Second : Portfolio Preparation (2 hours)
Drawing (2 hours)
2 four hour studio electives (see next column)

12th Grade
Art History 4 (3 hours)
First Semester:Portfolio Preparation (2 hours) Second : Senior Exhibition (2 hours)
Drawing (2 hours)
2 four hour studio electives

Studio Electives:
Vary with quarter, but include:

Drawing Studio
Acrylic Painting
Oil Painting
Screen Print
Book Making
Mixed Media
Elemental Sculpture
Figurative Sculpture
Sculpture on location
Glass Sculpture
Digital Imaging
Web site development
Digital Photography
Silver Photography
Independent Studio

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