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COMMUNITY SERVICE - all GSA students MUST complete 25 hours of community service EACH year in which they are enrolled at GSA.  There is a pass/fail grade for Community Service given at the end of the academic year.

Below is a list of organizations and activities GSA students have helped: These may be ideas for you!

"30 Hour Famine Fund Raiser"

"Project Memory" Portraits for Orphans

"Serve the City"

"Stopping Traffic " art auction

"Surfer's Healing" swim lessons

Art Exhibit Hermitage Museum

Art Exhibit Richmond Capital

Art Exhibit Student Gallery


D'Art Center Assistant

Feeding Homeless

Fine Arts Festival Larchmont ele

Food Bank of SE Virginia

For Kids Collaboration

Gallery Assistant

Gallery Intern

Grand Illumination video

Halloween event, Hermitage

Holocaust Visual Arts Competition

Kids who care Charity

Neptune Festival Exhibition

Numerous Senior Art Shows

Portraits at Equikids for Scholarship

Public art Light Rail station

Public art mural

Public Art Mural at school

Public Art Pig Mascot

Recycling container mural


Stockley Gardens Exhibition

Up Center shoe design

Todd Rosenlieb Dance




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